USA Dance (Boise) Chapter #1014

About Us

Chapter ##1014 Board Members

The present board will serve a two year term, 2022 to 2024. The Board members have agreed to serve in the following capacities:

President – Cindy Mason

Vice President – Jeff Creed

Secretary – Mark Kimsey

Treasurer – William Grobes

Music – Mark Kimsey and Peter Denniston

Dance – All Board Members

Outreach – Jeff Creed

Brisa Stahle

Mad Hot Chair – < tbd >

How You Can Help

Our Chapter, as with any membership organization, needs member support. The important thing is to attend as many functions as you can, and let your board members know if these functions meet your expectations.

Volunteer to help during functions; this could be welcoming arrivals at the door, setting up refreshments, making newcomers feel welcome. Help with publicity, planning events, newsletter, set-up and clean-up after our dances but first and foremost, GET ON THE DANCE FLOOR at every opportunity!

Introduce your friends and acquaintances to ballroom dancing. Invite them to chapter activities and encourage them to become members of USA Dance Chapter #1014

USA Dance is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, national organization committed to improving the quantity and quality of ballroom dance in the United States. USA Dance volunteers work, educate the public about the physical, mental and social benefits of dance. USA Dance sanctions competitions and participants must be members of USA Dance to compete.